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We are having wonderful success using our therapy laser.  We have seen a decrease in skin inflammation for severe ear infections and hot spots, relief of acute pain, and more importantly relief in chronic pain.

We are so convinced of the benefits of Therapy Laser Treatments that we are providing a money back guarantee if you do not see some kind of improvement after recieving at least 6 treatments for chronic pain in our hospital within the first 3 weeks of starting treatments.  We have an initial prepaid package of 6 or 10 treatments that provides a discount over individual treatments. 

Every pet is different but most will respond noticeably within a day of the first treatment.  With chronic pain (slow to get up, restless sleeping, change in play routine, decreased activity, grumpy behavior, whining, etc.) the expectation is that you will notice an obvious change of some sort w/ in 6 treatments.  Most every pet will show noticeable improvement by the next day.  Some will take several treatments before you notice a change.  Rarely some will be a little sore after the first treatment or 2.  We suspect this is a result of consequences of being severely arthritic and having the car ride and motion associated with that ride to and from the clinic and in and out of the car, laying down long enough for the laser treatment to be performed, or struggling against being held still.  Having said that, it is temporary and then they rebound in a day or so and feel better than before the treatment.  Almost every pet will get used to the routine and actually relax during the treatments once they realize they actually feel better and once they start feeling better the car rides become easier on their bodies.  Just like with people, the more our pets are able to move around with less pain the stronger they get and the better they can move around. 

Joint supplements, joint diets, and omega 3 fatty acids are all still recommended for chronic arthritic conditions with or without laser therapy.  Pain medications can still be used with the Therapy Laser for chronic or acute pain but you may also notice a decrease in the need for oral pain medication.  Every pet is different and whatever we can do to help keep them comfortable and improve their quality of life is worth trying.

Call 210-698-1800 and set up your laser appointment today, you will be happy you did!