Ditto is a 10 year-old female Bernese Mountain Dog weighing around 103 pounds. For a number of years she has had difficulty standing from a prone position. At times going up stairs, she would collapse in a heap. The back legs did not appear to function properly. Although she did not exhibit any discomfort aside from possible frustration. On examination from Dr. Darla Carter, the diagnosis was arthritis predominately on her right side.


In early March 2012, a Laser Treatment was give to help healing an infection in the area around the genital area. At that time, Dr. Carter expounded on the Laser Treatment, and I told her that I thought it was more hokey-pokey to inflate my veterinarian bill. However from the short treatment Ditto appeared more comfortable with less problems becoming upright. For the next few weeks I was constantly pressured by family members to give Laser Therapy a chance.


Bowing to pressure, I agreed to a series of six treatments. This "Hokey-Pokey" medicine works so well, we are now on the sixth treatment out of ten on another series. So, to Dr. Carter and her fantastic, efficient, and knowledgeable staff, I apologize for my doubts. It Works!!


Bud S.

February 2013

Honey's Story

Honey is a 19 year-old Manx cat.  Chronic health problems (kidney, arthritis and digestive) developed with age.  In 2012, pain was noticed with twitching and spasms of the lower back.  Honey would try to scratch and pull at her fur in an attempt to relieve her discomfort.


Dr. Carter examined and discussed options for pain relief.  Excluded was medication that would cause sedation.  Laser therapy was the best option to provide pain relief to an aging cat.


Laser therapy has been a blessing for Honey and is effective for six to eight weeks before a follow-up is needed.



Honey's Family

March 2013


P.S.  Photos above are of Honey at 6 months of age on the left when she won Third Best Kitten in Manx Category at The International Cat Association and at age 19 comfortable at home.