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Lost Pets and Adoptions


As part of the Leon Springs community, we make every effort to help reunite lost pets with their families. At the hospital, we keep an up-to-date binder of found and missing animals. If a picture can be e-mailed to us, we will make a courtesy post on our Facebook page. We also have a universal microchip scanner, and are happy to scan any found pets so we can locate their owner. Please microchip your pets - in the event that they escape, they are far more likely to be returned!  While we cannot accept most strays into our clinic, we will take in animals who can be identified via microchips or rabies tags knowing that we will be able to find their owners.

Tell your friends and family to follow us on Facebook - we post information about any lost, found, or adoptable pet brought to our attention. The more fans we have, the greater chance lost pets have of returning home. Click the Facebook tab to the left for a link to our page

Lost and Found