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Pharmacy Home Delivery

Please choose to use our online pharmacies if you are not buying directly from our hospital.  These pharmacies help support both you and our practice by:

1.  directly communicating with us requests as well as purchases in order for us to keep your records up to date
2.  supporting all preventive heartworm product guarantees as if you were buying directly from our hospital
3.  supporting all product coupons and rebates that are allowed to be used at vet clinics only
4.  providing free shipping on auto refilled food and medications or medications over a certain dollar value
5.  allowing us to stock less in the clinic which helps both you and the clinic keep our costs down

Click to the left for VetsFirstChoice for:

Compounded Medications
Controlled Medications
Heartworm Preventatives
Flea Preventatives
Other Prescription Products
Other OTC Products