We want your pet’s stay with us to be like a home away from home. We provide towels or blankets for all pets to sleep on and boxes for our cats to hide in when needed. We feed quality Royal Canin diets on your pet’s individual feeding schedule unless you bring their own food when you drop them off for boarding.  All dogs are taken into our spacious yard at least 4 times daily. You may also request that we play your favorite game with your dog or give your dog extra free time outside up to an additional hour per day. You are allowed to bring special foods, treats, bedding, or pet safe toys that you feel your pet may enjoy having while boarding.

For our feline guests, we have a spacious cat condo. Cats can have playtime too, whether they just need some quality petting or a good game of tackle the yarn ball. Exotic animals may board with us as well.  Due to their special care requirements, all of their own daily supplies and a safe cage must be supplied by the owner
Bathing and/or Grooming is available on the day of checkout for any of our boarders.  Welcome your pet back home smelling clean and looking their best! For more information on our grooming services and prices, please visit our grooming page located under the Services tab.

Boarding and grooming is done by reservation only. Please call in advance to schedule your pet's stay or grooming service, as we fill up quickly. Pets coming to board may be dropped off anytime during our regular business hours; pets coming to be groomed should be dropped off prior to 9 AM on the day of their appointment.
Boarding Prices
 Please call us for pricing.  Boarding prices are per night.  Pets may be dropped off anytime we are open, however, if due for vaccinations other than bordetella please plan to drop off in the AM or at least 2 hours before we close.

Guinea pig/ferret/bird (exotic)
All cages/supplies must be
provided by owner.

Day boarding (no overnight)

Vaccination requirements

Dogs must be current on rabies and distemper (DHPP)** vaccines and must have received a bordetella vaccine in the last six months.  Influenza H3N8 is recommended but not required at this time for dogs.

Cats must be current on rabies and
distemper (FVRCP)**.

Ferrets must be current or rabies (and ideally ferret distemper whenever back on the market.)

In an effort to keep our hospital a safe
and clean environment, any pet with contagious parasites (fleas, ticks, mites, etc.) will be treated at the owner's expense.

**NOTE:  We are a full service veterinary facility and will occasional accept medical exemptions from certain vaccinations.  If your pet has medical reasons not to receive vaccinations you may still board with us.  The reason cannot be non-medical or personal opinion.  We also accept vaccination titers in lieu of vaccinations and consider them good for 3 years in adult dogs and cats.  We care about the overall health of all our patients, whether sick, well, boarders, or groom pets and treat everyone with both a group and individual mindset depending on the situation.