Pharmacy and Laboratory


Our hospital has a full pharmacy equipped to dispense prescription medication needed to treat or prevent many illnesses.  We carry supplies of our favorite heartworm, flea, and tick prevention for dogs and cats. In the case that we do not have a medication your pet needs, we will find a pharmacy that does or place the order immediately to ensure prompt delivery. We will be happy to okay prescriptions for medications you might find at other pharmacies or online sources if you prefer not to get them from us or are traveling and have an immediate need, simply have the pharmacy fax us your request to 210-698-1767 and we will review the medication request to make sure our doctor has okayed that medication or its equivalent and that all the details are correct for your pet.  If they are not we will call you and let you know so that adjustments can to be made.  Our in clinic pharmacy is convenient and local and it does help support our business.  Many chronically needed medications that are used regularly are actually less expensive from our hospital than from a pharmacy or are similar in cost when shipping and time are taken into account.  We are happy to provide verbal and written estimates for any of our medications that your pet may need for you to compare pricing when needed.  Keep in mind many drug companies try to support local veterinarians by providing rebates for their heartworm products if purchased directly from a veterinarian.


Leon Springs Animal Hospital has a fully equipped laboratory, allowing us to process blood in-house for faster results and more accurate diagnoses. Bloodwork is an important tool to use in diagnosing and preventing problems. We perform bloodwork on all our surgical patients in the form of a pre-operative test panel. Internal organ functions as well as blood cell counts should also be done regularly as part of a wellness schedule. These tests can alert us to problems or conditions we cannot see on a physical exam. Our larger blood panels help in diagnosing problems with sick animals.

We are also equipped to do fecal and heartworm testing, as well as ear and skin cytologies. For more information on fecal parasites and heartworms, please reference our "Parasites" and "Heartworms" pages under Useful Information.