Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance to us, they can be dangerous to our pets. Mosquitoes carry heartworm larva which can be transmitted to your pets. Even if your cat or dog only goes outside to the bathroom, they can still be infected. It only takes one mosquito bite. The larva migrate through the bloodstream to the heart, where they can grow 6 to 14 inches long. Several hundred may be present in the dog. Heartworms can damage lungs, liver, and kidneys in addition to the heart. They can kill your pet! Heartworms have infected all breeds of dogs, large, small, long-hair, short-hair, inside, outside, in all 50 states. They can also infect cats - the presence of just one worm, alive or dead, can cause significant inflammation of the lungs and blood vessels.
Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to heartworms.  Heartworms can be treated in dogs once infected, but the treatment is costly and can be hard on the dog. Cats, unfortunately, cannot be treated for heartworms once they have become infected.  Secondary effects can be treated in cats but the worms have to die off on their own over time.  The good news is that heartworm disease is almost 100% preventable with easy-to-use monthly products. There are multiple effective products available by prescription for heartworms but there is nothing available over the counter.  If any doubt whether you are using a heartworm preventative product or not, just call us.  We do not have a preference for which heartworm prevention you use but we do want you to be using one faithfully all year round.  We can get you any kind you want on our online pharmacy.  As far as what is currently available in our clinic we have 4 great options to meet different pet and families needs and have different methods of delivery.  For ferrets we are comfortable using Revolution "off-label". Over the years it has proven to be both effective and safe in combating heartworms and various mite infestations in ferrets. In conclusion, preventing heartworms is our goal.  The prevention is much less expensive than the treatment and is much better for your pet's long term health when they are exposed to heartworm infested mosquitoes.

In Clinic Options for heartworm prevention w/ clickable information links:
                     Route       Duration                  Parasites controlled
ProHeart 6    Injection   6 months/injection    Heartworms and hookworms.
                                                                    For dogs > 6 months
Revolution     Topical     1 month/application  Heartworms, fleas, earmites, various other parasites
                                                                     depending on if a dog or a cat or a ferret(off label)
                                                                                           For pets > 6 weeks
Trifexis           Oral         1 month/dose          Heartworms, fleas, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms
                                                                                           For dogs > 8 weeks
Heartgard +   Oral         1 month/dose          Heartworms, hookworms (k-9), roundworms (K-9)
                                                                    For dogs and cats > 6 weeks

For more information on heartworms, please visit the American Heartworm Society's webpage.


Have trouble remembering to give your heartworm prevention regularly?


1.  Let us give your dog the 6 month ProHeart injection, we will remind you when due for the next dose.

2.  Have heartworm prevention shipped from our online pharmacy to your door every month and just give or apply the dose each time it arrives.  Shipping is free for regular monthly delivery.

3.  Sign up for emails directly from your pet's online medical records at www.ePetHealth.com. 

4.  Ask our team to set follow up phone calls in our system and we will call you monthly to remind you to give your pets their heartworm prevention.

For more information on heartworms, please visit the American Heartworm Society's webpage.